Egg McMuffin for Dinner – About Time!

Good Morning,

At a quarter to seven this morning, my shoulder decided that it was time for me to awaken. Now my husband and I had, only four hours prior, gotten in bed; however, I feel well rested. Enjoying my morning routine, one observed for the past seven years, watching Headline News , a cup of coffee, and  a jay or two . Miss Robin unfortunately on assignment. The Chemistry between her, Bob, Carlos, and Jennifer makes the morning bearable- heck it even makes the horrid daily news bearable.

Big News: McDonalds is, possibly, going to be serving breakfast all day as well as delivery in some Major Cities(reported that it is already available in New York). About time, the Egg McMuffin is my favorite item. I do not eat red meat that often and considering they stop serving breakfast at 10am, I do not frequent the food chain that often. But, if they offer the Egg McMuffin all day, McDonalds will regain my loyalty.

My husband and I are still unemployed. Not very pleasant living in your Mother’s basement with your spouse and unemployed. We are making the best of it, but seeing as we have had our own, even if for a brief moment in time, and that little bit of normality, life is stressful to say the least. Granted my husband has not really sought interviews. He mainly spends his time playing video games or WoW now. But, he is excused due to the state of his health. However, I have fallen into a selfish abyss of “Pity and Self Abasement.” I tarry on though. With a smile and shit.


My shoulder apparently needed attention this morning, so rudely waking me from a, extremely pleasant I must add, sleep. So attention it shall get, looking back on my life, My poor body has been through so much. But between all the drugs, dance, theater, and playing the flute it is amazing I am still mobile.

This video is awesome. It is so awesome, I believe it to be the perfect way to end this communication. Have a beautiful day.

Dancing Babies


Five Days of Healing through writing for

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope this finds you all in good spirits. I tried to get caught up, but as you can see with my posting schedule, I have not. During my first attempt at catching up on what I had missed out on during my initial injury, I aggravated the injury. So much so that I had to stop writing and since then  incapacitated. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to bend, stretch, and move without the pain; and I actually slept through the night.

Okay, now with the update out the way, to the meat of it. I present to you Five Poems of Healing. My quest to complete my participation in the National Poetry Writing Month – –  made the healing process more manageable.

Poem 1

Special times together

like a feather

changes the tormented weather.

Poem 2

Confused by the state of people

I understand not their sepal.

It is pure insanity

the lack of humanity

the pounds of vanity.

It is absolutely absurd

the complacency of the herd

to not stand and be heard.

Unnecessary stories of heartache passes

unheard, it goes, by the masses.

Fellow earthly kin

what has been

is finally fin.

Poem 3

It has been a day of dealing

a day of nothing but feeling.

Pain brought  me to the ceiling,

it had me in agony just reeling.

In desperation it had me kneeling,

However, like a little girl, I was left squealing.

Through patience and rest stealing

eventually it has become a time of healing.

Poem 4

Happy homes,hogwash

Heart horrors hack hard.

Poem 5

Dismissed strength strangely returns.

The misery that has haunted is discharged;

blistering in the sinews of the universe.

Gently restored to a present state of mind

a deluge of memories devour the moment.

Rejuvenated by the gallery of tribulations overcome

the desire for legacy and production permeates.

Day 22 of NaPoWriMo

“Earth Day 2013”

©2013 by Jay Crider

Once the family backyard was lined

with rows and rows of treasured veggies.

Once respect was given to the changing

of the seasons for each gift they brought.

The hard work, put forth for harvest,

was rewarded by all the living that gathered.

Once the yard was filled with a cornucopia of wild life

and with the city, just twenty Jeopardy questions, or so, away.

Those days are truly  missed.

As the routines of yesterday gave gratitude to nature

and all of its wonder, today is littered with tech.

So that time, gladly revered, is now but a memory;

as the earth soon shall be.

Day 21 of NaPoWriMo

“Day 21”

©2013 by Jay Crider

With the morning comes a car crash like awakening.

Currents of torment shoot along the blade ripping the flesh along the vertebrae.

Navy Crime Scene Investigators pick the scene as piercing currents vibrate the spine.

Tears of pain lead to questions of existence, lining the moment with a quilt of misery.

Signals of comfort are lost in the boob tubes translation.

Finally, the exalted pad of heat, bequeathed, lends me its delightful treat.

Day 20 of NaPoWriMo


It has been another long and miserable day. The pain in my shoulder is slightly better. The interview I had for today, gratefully, has been rescheduled for Friday afternoon. On to the poetry. I made the comment yesterday that I felt this is some of my best work to date, however I may have been a little to hasty with saying that. They are all good as are all my creations, whether they are naturally bad or not, they are all still good; but I shall let you the reader decided. I present to you  Day 20.

Write a poem that uses at least five of the following words: (from -I choose to use all the words.

owl generator abscond upwind squander clove miraculous dunderhead cyclops willowy mercurial seaweed gutter non-pareil artillery salt curl ego rodomontade elusive twice ghost cheese cowbird truffle svelte quahog bilious

“Gathered Upon the Currents of the Day”

©2013 by Jay Crider

In a weathered gutter the elusive scent of seaweed still gathers.

Spreading its torment through the upwind of yesterday it scatters

along the clove filled countryside.

The generator of ego for the svelte owl, perched in the miraculous

truffle fields, is his rodomontade.

The artillery of truth is set ablaze with the twice tested knowledge

of tomorrow.

To squander the lessons taught through the cowbird song  only leads

to passing the ghost of today and feeling bilious.

Abscond with the dunderhead and his Cyclops friend, curl yourselves

by karma’s fire, and enjoy a quahog or two.

How about a piece of cheese?

Now in this willowy setting, there being non-perial,

the wonderland haze lifted, willing to rise,

out of bed, finally,

and the day can


To Those Faithful Readers and Followers

Greetings to you all,

I Hope this finds you all well. I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting this past four days, especially to I have failed to make it every day. But, do not fret,  they shall be, however late, met. I injured my left shoulder earlier this week during some routine yard work. I believe I either pinched a nerve or tore a ligament or possibly the muscle. Not really sure, but I am on the mend. I know you are asking why not go to the hospital, well two reasons 1) I can not take another credit hit when I can not pay the doctors bill 2) not much they can do for it either  and I do not do muscle relaxers or pain pills. So best to take it easy. Today is the first day that I have even been able to attempt to type or even move. The past two days I have spent in out of the bed, trying for some level of comfort. The pain has been so sever at times that whining is the only way to express my agony. My poor husband has been a Prince Charming. Cooking, cleaning, and jumping at my every need. Helping me bath and get dressed. He is amazing and I love him, I do not know where I would be right now if it where not for him. He is my Dark Knight in Shining Amour; my Dark Prince Charming. I shall be posting, tomorrow, five poems. I may have not been able to type but I am right handed and still could write. Therefore, be prepared for some entertaining and beautiful poetry. Some of my best, in my opinion, to date. Have a beautiful evening and I look forward to reading  your comments on tomorrows pieces.

Peace, Light, and Love