To Do List

Little Pieces Of Nothing
Fall away. Cool Wind Of now                                                                                                                 Has me sway. 

Step up tomorrow                                                                                                            To make it Today. 

Once upon a time                                                                                                                Fairytale life  Was real.

  Once upon a time                                                                                                            Unending success Was attainable.

  Once upon a time                                                                                                              Unconditional love Was here.

  Once upon a time

  There Was Life. 

Saturated Solutions

 Simply stripped

 Shake stumped souls

 Separating success

  Signaling solitude.

  Rumors of the

  Plain tragedy


  The hearts cords

  Curdling the milky haze

  That is this place.

  Quirky initiative

  Strangles the soul.

  Broken in pieces

  The heart Can not speak

  Its peace

  Before the wraith

  Comes to Erase it

  From this world.

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