Day Four and Five for NaPoWriMo finally Here!

Better late than never. So I have heard, but it works in this situation. Gearing up to self publish two books and writing a poem everyday, in celebration of national poetry month, is the perfect catalyst I need to get me motivated in the right direction. Enjoy day Four and Five. Peace, Love and Light

Day Four:

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill
by Jay Crider

Dusk swallows the bright sunny day
with the light scent of spring
upon its breath.

Out of nowhere birds begin to sing
reminding of the infestations
that come alive.

The beat of a cheesy sitcom soundtrack
puts me in the “middle”
of my own natural fiction.

deep betrayals bend the past
around the mazes of the mind.

Oppressive addiction defeated
struggles to deliver death.

The strangle of insecurity
attempts to cease
the flow of light

Brought back by a loud mouth
little girl, with bunny ears
the presence of matter is lost.

Creative thought quickly zip lines
to the end, recalling the devastation
spread over what seems an eternity,
the wonder begins to creep upon the night
slowly and like a spider ready for the kill
will this summer be, as the many before it,
Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill?

Day Five:

Not a cinquain, but it still hopefully will entertain you.

Let Me
by Jay Crider

Let me, if you do not mind, paint you a picture of tomorrow.
Let, me, for its my pleasure, design a set of yesterday that will astound you.
Let me, I kindly implore you, scribe for you the details of human kinds heart.
Let me, please I beg of you, orate a tale of today that will cause rivers
to flow from your eyes.
Let me, for its is written in the stars,
Let me, for its is in my heart,
Let me, for I hunger for it,
Let me,
Entertain You!

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