Day Six of NaPoWriMo

Hope this April Saturday finds you all well.

Prompt of the day from is to write a valediction. With the lingering Winter still creating a frenzy of agitation across the country, this, in my opinion, is the perfect time to write one.

Sanctioned by Destiny a Valediction
by Jay Crider

Thirty seven years ago life began.
Thirty years ago numbers made their presence.

Bending over time, all is seen.
Daily routine and the illusion of family
hid the truth.

Eleven Eleven came round a year ago
Six years after meeting my completion
Two months after the betrayal

Since that time its numerical existence
has haunted daily.

Creating a vacuum in which fairytales
are hallucinated.

Seven years now, still going strong.
The dastardly demonic cells within
still hold there territory
but have released your presence.

The day your energy merged with mine
the cypher to the universal messages
dictated in cryptic numbers and
between the line read intelligence
finally was revealed.

So it is by the dark glare
of your sordid yet true love
that the past can finally be forgotten.

A farewell to the pain;
to the sanctioned destiny
that once imprisoned
divinity from the mind.

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