Another Perfect Day – Day Eleven For NaPoWriMo

Clouds linger and the winds were calm
the day was bright and the rooster with his hen
browsed the lawn for afternoon delights.

The Doppelganger within attempts its hijack,
leaving its vessel an empty meat bag,
lost in the intrepid circle of Wanda.

Images bleed through the inherited tapestry
they begin to seep from every surface
eleven eleven again?

Emotional Heart attacks ripple
Dimly lit rooms begin to devour
what is this horror?

Words begin to slash their way forth
enabling the awakening of identity
the pre-molested seven year old.

Tears flow down the river of scorn
of self-abasement and torture
lights begin to brighten once again.

Sinsemilla shades the night
from the days swindlers and demons
with him by the side all is right.

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