Skyline of Emotions – Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo

sandalwood lingers in the stale air

“come on down” echoes through the sleep

as sweet morning nectar is devoured.

Freshly cut grass stains the senses

while a prized bhang seed is sealed

within the earth.

Pages of a novel first are torched

screaming internal critics

thrash and torture

as the flames grow with failure.

Sunlight seeps through the shades

whilst tears tare down the skyline of emotions

built  in the walls of those pages now ashes.

Cursed to dictate the universes in the mind

the hand obeys and puts the sword to use

slashing out the secret pains locked away

with nothing but grace and beauty.

Effecting the flesh accordingly

the muse drains the essence.

Daily life guided

by the creativity

that pours

forth, hurts.


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