Five Days of Healing through writing for

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope this finds you all in good spirits. I tried to get caught up, but as you can see with my posting schedule, I have not. During my first attempt at catching up on what I had missed out on during my initial injury, I aggravated the injury. So much so that I had to stop writing and since then  incapacitated. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to bend, stretch, and move without the pain; and I actually slept through the night.

Okay, now with the update out the way, to the meat of it. I present to you Five Poems of Healing. My quest to complete my participation in the National Poetry Writing Month – –  made the healing process more manageable.

Poem 1

Special times together

like a feather

changes the tormented weather.

Poem 2

Confused by the state of people

I understand not their sepal.

It is pure insanity

the lack of humanity

the pounds of vanity.

It is absolutely absurd

the complacency of the herd

to not stand and be heard.

Unnecessary stories of heartache passes

unheard, it goes, by the masses.

Fellow earthly kin

what has been

is finally fin.

Poem 3

It has been a day of dealing

a day of nothing but feeling.

Pain brought  me to the ceiling,

it had me in agony just reeling.

In desperation it had me kneeling,

However, like a little girl, I was left squealing.

Through patience and rest stealing

eventually it has become a time of healing.

Poem 4

Happy homes,hogwash

Heart horrors hack hard.

Poem 5

Dismissed strength strangely returns.

The misery that has haunted is discharged;

blistering in the sinews of the universe.

Gently restored to a present state of mind

a deluge of memories devour the moment.

Rejuvenated by the gallery of tribulations overcome

the desire for legacy and production permeates.

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