Egg McMuffin for Dinner – About Time!

Good Morning,

At a quarter to seven this morning, my shoulder decided that it was time for me to awaken. Now my husband and I had, only four hours prior, gotten in bed; however, I feel well rested. Enjoying my morning routine, one observed for the past seven years, watching Headline News , a cup of coffee, and  a jay or two . Miss Robin unfortunately on assignment. The Chemistry between her, Bob, Carlos, and Jennifer makes the morning bearable- heck it even makes the horrid daily news bearable.

Big News: McDonalds is, possibly, going to be serving breakfast all day as well as delivery in some Major Cities(reported that it is already available in New York). About time, the Egg McMuffin is my favorite item. I do not eat red meat that often and considering they stop serving breakfast at 10am, I do not frequent the food chain that often. But, if they offer the Egg McMuffin all day, McDonalds will regain my loyalty.

My husband and I are still unemployed. Not very pleasant living in your Mother’s basement with your spouse and unemployed. We are making the best of it, but seeing as we have had our own, even if for a brief moment in time, and that little bit of normality, life is stressful to say the least. Granted my husband has not really sought interviews. He mainly spends his time playing video games or WoW now. But, he is excused due to the state of his health. However, I have fallen into a selfish abyss of “Pity and Self Abasement.” I tarry on though. With a smile and shit.


My shoulder apparently needed attention this morning, so rudely waking me from a, extremely pleasant I must add, sleep. So attention it shall get, looking back on my life, My poor body has been through so much. But between all the drugs, dance, theater, and playing the flute it is amazing I am still mobile.

This video is awesome. It is so awesome, I believe it to be the perfect way to end this communication. Have a beautiful day.

Dancing Babies

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