Playing with poetry written in the past,photos,all the while learning about WordPress

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Each picture above represents a piece of poetry from my past. Click on one or click on them all. I hope you like one, all, or heck even if its none, that is fine. It is all up to you, just click one and check them out. Discover my world, through my poetry, for yourself. I do hope you are entertained at some level, for my heart of service demands that I at least entertain those that follow my crazy life. The lesson I learned, about Word Press, was how to put a picture up and add a link to it; so when it is clicked on it opens a new window, taking the viewer to a new website. Cool!
Have a great night and pleasant dreams.
Love, Light, and Peace.


“Hells Kitchen,” Seven Chefs Left


Enjoying “Hells Kitchen” on Fox with my husband. The yard was cleaned earlier in preparation for Saturday’s yard sale. Husband watched YouTube all day and mom worked; time to unwind and what better way than with Gordon Ramsay. He, in my opinion, is the best Chef. I would jump at the opportunity to have him as a mentor. This episode is my favorite, the blind taste test. Unfortunately, if I can not stop smoking,  I will loose mine. The show is excellent. The challenges are well though out. I enjoy watching how Gordon transforms people. My husband have seen a person change on camera. The change Ramsay brings forth in many individuals is so powerful you can see a physical change in the person.

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010.
English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking about change, I am looking forward to it being just my mom, my husband, and I living here. Her tenant will be moving Monday. She has been saying she was going to move since September. My mom really did not realize what she was getting herself into. She is a very religious woman and believes you help others out, but she was not prepared for what happens when those people abuse, take advantage of, and take for granted the kindness you provide. Her and dad divorced almost six years ago and in my opinion she is still in a fragile state. Her and my father married when she was eighteen and for thirty seven years all she knew was life with him and before that it was her life with her parents. So in reality these years, since dad left, have been the first time in her life she has been on her own.

Well the Show is almost over, it is a two part episode; part tonight and the second part another night. It is getting down to the wire  before the chefs transition into the black jackets. I am rooting for Cindy to beat Jon. Who are you rooting for?

Mother’s Day Lunch, A Success!

I know I am late on getting the details on the Mother’s Day lunch  I whipped up for my Grandmother and my Mom. It was a success. I made chicken salad wraps; baked chicken and onions(shredded), finely diced celery, crispy bacon bits, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and shredded Swiss cheese. Accompanied by a load potato salad heart; boiled potatoes(drained of course), 1/2 cup of light blue plate mayo, crispy bacon bits, three boiled and diced eggs, finely diced celery, and 1/3 of ranch dressing(could use sour cream).

My mother absolutely loved, except I got carried away and when I was adding salt to the chicken salad, did not realize that it was set on the wrong dispenser and dumped the salt in. Had to scoop it out and safe as much as possible. It was a tad salty. But edible and amazingly delicious. The potato salad, in my opinion, was perfect.

Photo-0010 Photo-0009

Bird Poop Jesus

Seeing Jesus even in Bird poop.
Seeing Jesus even in Bird poop.

I have had a difficult go at life over the past five months. Since being fired from the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans-twenty years in the Food Service business and it was my first time being fired from a job- and ever since I stood up for myself, regarding my sense of health code compliance and customer satisfaction, leaving Einstein’s in January I have had a very rough go with not only seeking a new job , but life in general. My relationship with my mother is hanging on by a thin thread. After twenty seven years of lies, finding out about my father, then losing the one that raised me, for he still does not speak to me. She has taken up with a crack head alcoholic now. My world is completely turned upside down. Granted I began turning it up on its end back in my mid twenties, but I have fought hard through three suicide attempts, dying three times, addiction, loss, deceit, abandonment, deception, betrayal, I have a purpose here. What it is, I do not know that yet, nor do I really want to. March of  2012 I began seeing 11:11 every where. Even in customers totals. I know it is the universe trying to tell me something, but I have never been good at decoding messages. But, this day with my husband grocery shopping, coming upon the Bird Poop Jesus, I feel I might be headed in the right direction.

Peace, Light, and Love

Keeping the Spirit, Inside, Alive

So Mother’s day went off with out a hitch. My Grandmother was surprised when my mom and I showed up for church and they both enjoyed the lunch. Do not worry I will not disappoint, I will post the recipe and pictures tomorrow. I over worked an already injured shoulder this last weekend. I have been in so much pain these past two days. But, not my focus for this post. I wanted to touch base with all my readers and followers, the sweeps is still on and the PTC’s are still working. About to cash out on two of them; first of June.

This shoulder situation has put a damper on my job hunt, however light it was. I am in desperate need of employment. My husband and I really want to move to Washington State, Spokane or another city. Legal Same sex Marriage and Legal Weed, something he needs for the cancer and something I need for the crazy. Well my shoulder has started hurting again. I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day, for those that are not with us anymore, let there memory continue to sing in your heart.

Peace, Light, and Love

*added while watching “Dish Nation” and other fine pieces of entertainment before attempting to finally get some sleep. Since I awoke at ten in the morning Monday, I have had a total of three hours of sleep. Last time I went that long before sleeping, I was having fun. This is far from fun. My wonderful husband, even though he suffers with Wisdom teeth pain and the caner, has been so attentive.
I commend Angelina Jolie for her decision to prevent herself from Breast Cancer. Been stuck in the recliner watching way to much Television these three weeks. Well I am calling it a night for real this time. Ya’ll can thank my hubby for the post. I reminded me that when you start developing fans and readers, you must keep their hunger, for your words, satisfied.
Again, good night, Pleasant Dreams.