Waking up with Robin Meade and Friends


Do not hate, I did not write 30 poems in 30 days for National Poetry Writing Month; missed it by two. However, starting Saturday May4, 2013 I am going to begin entering 200 sweepstakes everyday until the end of this year. Kind of experiment. I have seen and read many stories about others success with online sweepstakes. I would like to see if there is any merit to this method of providing income. So every night, my intention, to post up the sweepstakes I enter. I figured that since I am unemployed at the time and I have the blessing to live with my mother, I should take advantage  of the time to work on my writing, my blogging, and my curiosities.

Moving on:

The book is coming along, I could use the assistance of you, fellow human, my reader, and or follower. The trial for Microsoft Office 2013 that I was using to write my first two books has expired. I need either a product key or donations to help me buy the program or heck if someone would like to gift a silly queen, that would be awesome. I would, truly, love to see my work in print and to have millions, upon million, reading them. My creations mean the world to me they are my heart and soul. To be able to let my work, work for me, shining so brightly, and entertaining triumphantly, would make me a very happy individual.



I am working on bringing my drag persona out once again. Back in college she was beginning to help me make head way in the world of entertaining, but frightened by the thought of success I put her way rather quickly.


IS that ALL?


Since my shoulder has had me immobile her recently, I have discovered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I am having a blast, literally. The people in the multiplayer take it so serious sometimes; and the trash talking. It has put a smile on my face everyday.  If you have not played dthe game you should at least give it a go. It is pretty fun once the controls are learned.


Time for BED…….


Well I got the yard cleaned up, the mothers rose bush I planted for my mom back in high school, cooked dinner, washed two loads of dishes, fed the animals, and some how managed to bath. Chatted with you lovely folks this evening and now I think I am going play MW3 with my husband. I hope everyone has a restful evening and pleasant dreams.




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