Happy Friday!

My shadow in the grass

My dad long ago accidently spilt a  bag of grass seed and this is the end result.
My dad long ago accidently spilt a bag of grass seed and this is the end result.
This belonged to my Papa, may he R.I.P, his house when I was a child reminded me of a fairytale.
This belonged to my Papa, may he R.I.P, his house when I was a child reminded me of a fairytale.

Hello everyone, I hope your week was good. Mine was eventful, kind of like a roller coaster, in many ways. First, the shoulder pain has finally subsided, but it feels like I may have damaged the nerve because I feel it still in my elbow; Second, my hubby and I finally got the yard completely cut, believe it or not with two weed eaters.(see pictures); Finally, I have had some spiritual signs thrown my way the past few weeks. Overwhelming and like I said eventful, like a rollercoaster. We were watching “Kathy and Hoda” this morning and with a breaking Local News Story, Bomb Threat at North Pont Mall (http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/north-point-mall-evacuated-over-bomb-threat/nXnNT/), my heart began to sink more for everyday I feel I awaken to alternate reality. It feels as if each passing day I get farther and farther from the original. My heart breaks for humanity and mother earth.

Speaking of heartbreak, this also brings me to another moot point in my life, Family. It rips me apart every moment of my existence that I will never get to know my biological father or is family. I feel so incomplete. I will never get to know my Half-sisters nor his lineage, for mother refuses to give the information I need to seek them out. All I have is his name and a picture.

Sunday’s are usually our Laundry day here in my household except for this weekend, it is Mother’s Day. Last Sunday my hubby and I watched several movies on Showtime. While he played World of Warcraft and I folded Laundry. I would like to share with you my reviews of the movies we watched.
First up, “Womb.” We watched this movie on Showtime Beyond. It was a twisted tale of a woman who clones her dead husband and gives birth/raises that clone. The actor that is playing the Doctor on “Doctor Who” now is the clone. The movie is odd and very strange. If you like Science fiction then give it go. I enjoyed it but it was strange to say the least. There is a line in the movie that had me very confused for a minute, “Artificial Incest.” Wha, wha, wha, What? Like I said strange. After much thought, if I could afford it I would clone myself. Be neat to see how I would turn out with different circumstances.
Next Movie, “Hostel III.” the Hostel franchise has not stopped scaring the crap out of me. My hubby really like the franchise, but the torture and mere thought that this could really exist scare the doo doo out of me. I understand that there is a balance, a unique thread of energy that thrives to keep the life forces that permeate flowing. However, when I see one of the many possibilities that may actually be, such as this movie, it makes the core of my being twinge and shutter in agony. I prefer the light of the universe, not the darkness. But I do know that without darkness there would be no light and without the light there would be no darkness. Believe it or not, but this further seals my believe that my husband and I are two halves of a whole. He is the dark and I am the light.
Final Movie, before Animation Domination on Fox ( Fox 5 Atlanta that is), the “Source Code.” All I have to say is I liked it, but felt that something was missing from the movie. Great concept, loved the direction it was headed, but felt more could have been done. What I do not know, but just feel it is lacking.
I would recommend seeing them, but I recommend seeing every movie you possibly can. Why? Because they expose you to the different worlds that exist right along side out very own-Believe it or not.
Okay well that about does it for personal catch up of the week. I am now back to daily posting, so keep reading, keep loving, and keep learning. More to follow
Have a great Friday and a beautiful Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.
Peace, Light, And Love

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