Keeping the Spirit, Inside, Alive

So Mother’s day went off with out a hitch. My Grandmother was surprised when my mom and I showed up for church and they both enjoyed the lunch. Do not worry I will not disappoint, I will post the recipe and pictures tomorrow. I over worked an already injured shoulder this last weekend. I have been in so much pain these past two days. But, not my focus for this post. I wanted to touch base with all my readers and followers, the sweeps is still on and the PTC’s are still working. About to cash out on two of them; first of June.

This shoulder situation has put a damper on my job hunt, however light it was. I am in desperate need of employment. My husband and I really want to move to Washington State, Spokane or another city. Legal Same sex Marriage and Legal Weed, something he needs for the cancer and something I need for the crazy. Well my shoulder has started hurting again. I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day, for those that are not with us anymore, let there memory continue to sing in your heart.

Peace, Light, and Love

*added while watching “Dish Nation” and other fine pieces of entertainment before attempting to finally get some sleep. Since I awoke at ten in the morning Monday, I have had a total of three hours of sleep. Last time I went that long before sleeping, I was having fun. This is far from fun. My wonderful husband, even though he suffers with Wisdom teeth pain and the caner, has been so attentive.
I commend Angelina Jolie for her decision to prevent herself from Breast Cancer. Been stuck in the recliner watching way to much Television these three weeks. Well I am calling it a night for real this time. Ya’ll can thank my hubby for the post. I reminded me that when you start developing fans and readers, you must keep their hunger, for your words, satisfied.
Again, good night, Pleasant Dreams.

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