Bird Poop Jesus

Seeing Jesus even in Bird poop.
Seeing Jesus even in Bird poop.

I have had a difficult go at life over the past five months. Since being fired from the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans-twenty years in the Food Service business and it was my first time being fired from a job- and ever since I stood up for myself, regarding my sense of health code compliance and customer satisfaction, leaving Einstein’s in January I have had a very rough go with not only seeking a new job , but life in general. My relationship with my mother is hanging on by a thin thread. After twenty seven years of lies, finding out about my father, then losing the one that raised me, for he still does not speak to me. She has taken up with a crack head alcoholic now. My world is completely turned upside down. Granted I began turning it up on its end back in my mid twenties, but I have fought hard through three suicide attempts, dying three times, addiction, loss, deceit, abandonment, deception, betrayal, I have a purpose here. What it is, I do not know that yet, nor do I really want to. March of  2012 I began seeing 11:11 every where. Even in customers totals. I know it is the universe trying to tell me something, but I have never been good at decoding messages. But, this day with my husband grocery shopping, coming upon the Bird Poop Jesus, I feel I might be headed in the right direction.

Peace, Light, and Love

2 thoughts on “Bird Poop Jesus

  1. On the bright side, in the midst of all teh difficulty, you do have your husband.

    (I’ll suspend judgement n bird poop Jesus for now. Looks more like an Ood to me…)

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