Mother’s Day Lunch, A Success!

I know I am late on getting the details on the Mother’s Day lunch  I whipped up for my Grandmother and my Mom. It was a success. I made chicken salad wraps; baked chicken and onions(shredded), finely diced celery, crispy bacon bits, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and shredded Swiss cheese. Accompanied by a load potato salad heart; boiled potatoes(drained of course), 1/2 cup of light blue plate mayo, crispy bacon bits, three boiled and diced eggs, finely diced celery, and 1/3 of ranch dressing(could use sour cream).

My mother absolutely loved, except I got carried away and when I was adding salt to the chicken salad, did not realize that it was set on the wrong dispenser and dumped the salt in. Had to scoop it out and safe as much as possible. It was a tad salty. But edible and amazingly delicious. The potato salad, in my opinion, was perfect.

Photo-0010 Photo-0009

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