“Hells Kitchen,” Seven Chefs Left


Enjoying “Hells Kitchen” on Fox with my husband. The yard was cleaned earlier in preparation for Saturday’s yard sale. Husband watched YouTube all day and mom worked; time to unwind and what better way than with Gordon Ramsay. He, in my opinion, is the best Chef. I would jump at the opportunity to have him as a mentor. This episode is my favorite, the blind taste test. Unfortunately, if I can not stop smoking,  I will loose mine. The show is excellent. The challenges are well though out. I enjoy watching how Gordon transforms people. My husband have seen a person change on camera. The change Ramsay brings forth in many individuals is so powerful you can see a physical change in the person.

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010.
English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking about change, I am looking forward to it being just my mom, my husband, and I living here. Her tenant will be moving Monday. She has been saying she was going to move since September. My mom really did not realize what she was getting herself into. She is a very religious woman and believes you help others out, but she was not prepared for what happens when those people abuse, take advantage of, and take for granted the kindness you provide. Her and dad divorced almost six years ago and in my opinion she is still in a fragile state. Her and my father married when she was eighteen and for thirty seven years all she knew was life with him and before that it was her life with her parents. So in reality these years, since dad left, have been the first time in her life she has been on her own.

Well the Show is almost over, it is a two part episode; part tonight and the second part another night. It is getting down to the wire  before the chefs transition into the black jackets. I am rooting for Cindy to beat Jon. Who are you rooting for?

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