America’s Got Talent, Season 8- Review of Episode 1


Sitting back watching the season eight premier of America’s Got Talent. This show has come along way since Piers Morgan, Brandi Norwood, and David Hasselhoff.  I enjoy this show. To see the diverse cross section of America, not just singers or dancers. It is so awesome. Reminds me of Star Search back in the day, but much better.

Howie Mandel, his comedy I grew up on, is absolutely hilarious; kind, fair, and an amazing individual.

Howard Stern, whom I listen to in College, is a perfect judge. Funny, real, and does not hold back from being  honest.

New Judge Heidi Klum, gorgeous and sweet, has entertained me since Project Runway and has not disappointed in her new role as judge for AGT.

New Judge Mel B(Melanie Brown), gorgeous and what a voice, has impressed me with the Spice Girls and so far has displayed eloquence as a judge.

Leave it to the show to tug at my heart strings; The gentleman from Kentucky whose wife surprised him by bringing him to AGT to audition, has an amazing voice.

BIG BLUE ALIEN…..No Lie, there was a big blue alien in the crowd of those auditioning. Blue Alien yodeling? What? What Heidi Klum yodeling with the Blue Alien.

Catapult group with their shadow performance dance was interesting and entertaining.

Only a couple of nights rehearsing, with that “Singing in the Rain” routine……Ridiculously awesome and stunningly sexy.

The kid with hat routine and his own music was pretty freaking awesome.

An hour and fifteen minutes into the season premier and my attention has been grabbed by this young girl singing like a seasoned songstress; she has captivated me and stole my attention away from Twitter with amazing and awesome voice.

All I have to say is Special Head. Amazing and what a street performer. Awesome!

Only ten minutes left of episode 1, season 8 of America’s Got Talent and almost time for me to try and enter dreamland. I have enjoyed the first round of auditions. The Judges chemistry so far is fabulous. I am looking forward to what all is to come. Thank you National Broadcasting Company (NBC) . You have left me feeling thoroughly entertained.

Looking forward to the final audition of the night, usually a story and talent that either inspires or causes an emotional tsunami.

B-Double O-T-Y….That’s all I have to say for the ending.

Logo of America's Got Talent used during Seaso...
Logo of America’s Got Talent used during Seasons 2 and 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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