31 Day Blog Challenge Part 1 of 6

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Number 1: Intro and recent photo

Intro- Hello, My Name is Jay(you can also call me Johnnie). I write poetry. I  can be very expressive, but tend to limit myself by my own self censorship/criticism.  I have overcome addiction, yet it still haunts me and continues to be a daily struggle. However, I use cannabis as a medicinal aid now, due to the damage caused by sever long term drug abuse. A necessary evil.


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Number 2: Twenty facts about me

1-I am a female trapped in a Male body, which in the mental health world means I suffer from Gender Dysphoria, or also known as Gender Identity Disorder. However I disagree with this because I have been this way since birth. I feel that in the womb some how my original gender was altered. It is a product of biology not some mental illness or disorder. A result of something occurring in the womb, creating a spilt within the child.

2-I have been with the same partner for almost eight years now. We met on April first. Best April Fool’s Day I have had; I seriously doubt there will be an April Fools Day that can out do that one. The moment I laid eyes upon him and heard his voice I knew, he was the other half of me. I knew his soul.

3-I am almost forty.

4-I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in October

5-I graduated High School with a 3.4 GPA

6-I attended three and half years of College, but failed to finish. Grateful for the experience.

7-I love the colors green and blue

8-I am a Bastard. Meaning I am the product of an affair my mother had while she was married to the man who raised me; and was declared on the birth certificate as my father. My real father, supposedly, died when I was around seven or eight. All I have to go on is the name my mom has given me, J.C. Lee. That is all.

9-I am a Trekkie.

10-I love Cats and Dogs.

11-I love Classical Music.

12-I like Cigars.

13-I write poetry.

14-I have written, an unpublished, book.

15-I have worked on and off in the Food Service Industry for Twenty years.

16-I enjoy the horror, comedy, musicals, drama, adventure, and science fiction genre’s of film.

17-I am an Agnostic.

18-I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around; I believe in Karma.

19-I have died twice.

20-I believe there is good in Humanity and strive to achieve and emulate it.

Number 3: My Favorite Quote

Would have to say my favorite quote is one that I came up with and live by; it is

“Today is the Best Day Ever (thought this link was hilariously perfect), for I was blessed to awaken this gifted morning.”

However I tend to shorten it to, ” It is the Best Day Ever.” I even came up with a little song for it.

“It is the Best Day Ever,

I will tell……you…this….Forever,

Because Today

is the




Number Four: What are you Afraid of?

Upon reflection I find the only thing that scares me is success. I have a fear of Success. Weird I know.

Number Five: Ten Songs I love  Right Now

I gathered this list from billboard.com

1- “Can’t Hold Us ” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Ray Dalton, The Heist.

2-“When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, Unorthodox Jukebox.

3-“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz, The Heist.

4-“Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato, Heart Attack.

5-“People Like Us” by Kelly Clarkson, Greatest Hits Bonus DVD.

Unfortunately, I could not come up with ten songs. I do not  have the pleasure of spending time enjoying music like I once did in my younger days. However, I do listen to the radio each moment I can.

2 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge Part 1 of 6

  1. You are definitely an interesting person- thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading the rest of your challenge posts. I also enjoy Spongebob, Bruno Mars, Macklemore, and a lot of other things you enjoy. I hope someday you write a post elaborating on how you’ve died twice, although I see that you’ve been posting for awhile and I’m wondering if I missed that one!

    1. No you have not missed that one. I will make it a point to elaborate on the death subject. Thank you for reading. It means the world to me, sharing my story, I am, I guess you might say, timid. A very open and honest individual; completely open book. I just have been share when it comes to letting it all out. 🙂 Peace, Light, and Love.

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