31 Day Blog Challenge Part 2 0f 6

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Number 6: Your five senses right now…

Sight- FOX 5 News on channel 4 here in Marietta, Georgia on Comcast displayed upon our 32″ Vizio flat screen; our sweet cat sissy sleeping on the corner of the bed; and my husbands sweet smile.

Touch-The HewettPackard Laptop keyboard as my fingers glide along its keys; the softness of my pajama bottoms as a squiggle in the chair sharing myself to the world; and my broken glasses pressing against my nose as the slowly slide down my nose.

Smell-Purple Haze lingers in the air; tobacco leaves burning; late night snack of potato’s and ground beef with cheese;  and a mustiness that lingers here in the basement after storms leave their soggy footprint.

Taste-Late Night snack, baked potato with ground beef, onions, Manwich sauce, and cheese; tobacco leaves; and the sweet treat of Purple Haze.

Hear-My husbands fingers pressing the XBOX controller buttons; the wrapping of the keys as I type; the ticking of the clock on the wall behind me; my husbands labored breathing; and my heart beat.

Number 7: Your pet hates…

My pet, sissy the cat, hates it when I kiss her repeatedly on the nose.

Number 8: What is in your handbag?

Currently do not have a handbag, but if I did, I suppose I would have my wallet, my touch up make up, my phone, a notepad, a notebook, some wipes, and some mints.

Number 9: What are your worst habits?

My worst habits are- I am smoker(will be stopping soon, very soon*fingers crossed*) and I am a picker of scabs(I know ewwww)

Number 10: What is your best physical feature?

My best physical feature I have been told is my eyes and my lips. You be the judge

Here is a couple of pictures of my eyes with out make-up

31363_119936818032785_5722913_n (2) 397774_358056900887441_73058189_n (2) 526092_506139326079197_1912996813_n (2)

Here is one with make-up

32594_634104046616057_948820135_n (3)

Here is a couple of my lips with out make-up

31363_119936818032785_5722913_n (3)526092_506139326079197_1912996813_n (3)

Here is one with my eyes and lips with make-up

32594_634104046616057_948820135_n (4)

Okay well that wraps up part two of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. I hope you have a lovely evening. Pleasant dreams!

Peace, Light, and Love.

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