31 Day Blog Challenege Part 3 of 6

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Number 11: List 15 of your favorite things

1- a working lawn mower

2-  the dishwasher

3-  writing poetry

4- quiet time

5- my cat(child)

6- sage

7- the smell of fresh-cut grass

8- acting

9- gardening

10- television/film

11- The sunset and sunrise.

12- Making new friends; meeting new people.

13- The memories I have of my Aunt Diane.

14- Coffee time in the mornings with my partner/husband.

15- My favorite scent /fragrance is that of pears.

Number 12: What is inside your fridge?

Deli meats, salad, Dr. Pepper, Kroger 2% milk, Yoplait Greek 100 Calories yoghurt, Country Crock Butter, Kroger block mild cheddar cheese, brewed unsweet tea, 2 tomatoes, Reddi Whip, SpiceWorld Chopped garlic, Blue Plate Mayonnaise, Smuckers Apricot Jelly, International Delight Almond Joy gourmet Coffee Creamer.

Left Over’s: Spaghetti, green beans, pasta salad, pork chop, and Progresso Recipe Starter Creamy Garlic.

Number 13: What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is…….have to really think about this one.

It was a beautiful summer day, mom had just dropped me off at day care. I had made my way to the kitchen play set and began acting the role of mother as another young boy portrayed the father role. Quickly fading away, the scene is replaced with the image of all the daycare children circled around a large, jolly, lady reading us a story, then quickly back to play were dolls and other female associated toys were preferred; and fade to black. This would be around age 4 or 5.

Number 14: If you won the lottery…

If I won the lottery I would spend some, invest some, help friends,  aid family, and give abundantly.

Number 15: Timeline of your day…

Wake up- Normally between 7am-8:30am depending on how late I stay up with the hubby.

8am-12:30pm: since leaving Einstein Bros. Bagels I have been spending this time watching local News, Headline News (HLN, specifically Robin Meade and Jennifer Westhoven), The Price is Right, and the fourth hour of the Today Show with Kathey Lee and Hoda.

12:30pm-5pm: I spend this time doing chores around the house. Preparing for dinner. giving my hubby some game time with out me around. I also write during this time and piddle around in the yard; I try to keep myself busy, unlike my husband I can not sit in front of the Television all day. In his case it helps him forget about the pain.

5pm-7pm: I spend this time writing, cooking, cleaning up,and applying for jobs online.

7pm-11pm(normally)- I spend this time with my husband. Watching crazy stuff on You Tube, playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on our Star Wars Edition XBox 360, and watching a diverse cross section of Television and Film.

Number 16: What is at the top of your bucket list?

My bucket list is small, but I see my bucket list as things I would to accomplish before I leave this earth, but more than likely will not be able to. So here is my list

1- to be able to have a biological child, start a family.

2- to have a sex change

3- to meet my half-sisters, so I could get to know of my biological father.

4- to meet RuPaul

5- to be able to make an impact with my writing and my story, that not only makes me proud, but those that truly love  me and to shame those that doubted my abilities.

6- to meet Gordon Ramsay

7- a chance to compete on Master Chef

8- Go to Amsterdam

9- See the Forbidden City

10- Go to Hawaii

2 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenege Part 3 of 6

  1. well crap. im just sitting here trying to get mine done. ima du whatchu duin. slam this ball outta the ball park. damn straight.
    LOVE reading what everyone does and shares.
    AND my deepest hopes for you with all your bucket lists!! HUGS!

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