31 Day Blog Challenge Part 4 of 6

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Number 17: What is your most proud moment?

My proudest moment to date….to be honest I am sure there are some, but in my current state, I can not think of a single one.


Number 18:   What is the meaning behind your blog name?

The meaning behind my blog name. “One voice, Among Billions,” is simple. I am but one voice among a billion different voices clamoring to be heard. I have a story, unique and special, as does everyone. I know that I am here for a reason; part of which is to help many. So my blog, is my voice- among the many.


Number 19: What do you collect?

I use to collect Star Trek memorabilia, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, and antique glass ware.


Number 20: A difficult time in your life?

My most difficult time, to date, in life has to be my time struggle with addiction. It all began when I was twenty three with a guy. His name was Tim and he wooed me into a sense that I could do anything and be okay. Boy was I wrong. Lonely and vulnerable, lost in a gender dysphoric nightmare, his smooth talking sexy ass, left me weak, and not in the right presence of mind to say “no.”  Educated and prepared for that moment, hormones racing and the thought of being with some one I was extremely attracted to, I said “yes.” Which opened a door to a ten year struggle with addiction. It began with shooting heroin, then shooting cocaine, then crack,  shooting crystal meth for a month, and then back to crack. I finally, have beat the need, desire to have cocaine in my life, however, I do use cannabis medicinally. After a year of complete sobriety, I discovered that I was not functioning properly,mentally. Something was off, not right, then after a year and half of trying anti depressants, a dear friend suggested cannabis. Worried it would take me back down that road of cocaine addiction I hesitantly took the chance.However, I stand here completely clean of any drugs, other than cannabis, and have been for four years now. I am better. To me, I am clean.  To me I am better and no longer am I a prisoner to my addiction (honestly that is all that matters).

3 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge Part 4 of 6

    1. I completely agree. Thank you, again, for reading and learning about my life. I appreciatre your loyalty and honesty. Thank you.
      Peace, Light, and Love.

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