31 Day Blog Challenge Part 6 of 6

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Number 26: An old photo of yourself


Best one I have on the computer now. 

Number 27: Post your favorite recipe 
My favorite recipe my faux hamburger helper concoction; and yes I know hamburger helper is inexpensive. 
It is a box of mac-n-cheese; any cheap brand will do. 
A package of taco seasoning; any will do, cooked with ground beef after drained. 
A pound of ground beef; browned and drained. 
A can of Black bean; added to ground beef after cooked and drained 
A can of corn; added to ground beef after cooked and drained 
A diced tomato; added after shredded cheese. 
Some shredded cheese 
A diced onion: sautéed and added to ground beef. 
Absolutely yummy. 
Number 28:What are you looking forward to… 
I am looking forward to the day my books, poetry and autobiography, get published. 
Number 29: Where have you traveled to? 
I have traveled to Germany. In that particular trip, we visited Copenhagen, Austria(Salzburg), and Paris.  
Number 30:What is in your make-up bag? 
Lots of, old, drag make-up. 
Number 31: Why do you blog? 
Why do I  blog? 
In the beginning I started blogging, using MySpace, to get my writing out there; by the support and encouragement of my partner. It gradually has become a vehicle for me to continue to expose the world to my writing and my story through WordPress and the Yahoo Contributor Network. I write, so that I can leave a legacy; an impression. It is all I have at the time to express my ideas and opinions; to share my art and my mind to the world; to leave a mark on time, whether felt now or not. Now granted if I ever the opportunity to have a child, that will change. 

Well, this concludes the 31 Day blog Challenge. I hope that you have enjoyed the reading. I feel somewhat exposed, but I have always been an open book, so really it is nothing new to me.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my answers to the challenge.

Love, Light, and Peace.

4 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge Part 6 of 6

    1. so sweet. at a moment in time when I feel all good is gone in the world and I read a comment such as yours. Brightened my spirit, for the moment, and I sincerely,from my soul, appreciate you taking the time.

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