Father’s Day, Happy to Some, Empty to Me!

 First, let me say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there; biological or not.
My father Richard, who for thirty years of my life was, in all respects, a great provider, on occasion my defender,and a constant supporter of my education and self discovery. However, upon discovering that I was not his biological child, all the work and effort he and I both put into bonding as father and child, erased. He bolted. 
This is how it went down.
My mother had informed me at a very low point in my existence, age twenty seven, that she infact had an affair with a man she had known since age fourteen and hid it from everyone, even her husband, my dad, and I was the product of that affair. So fast forward a couple of years. I was working on healing myself and caring for my dad, Richard, who had injured himself while he, reluctantly, and my mom were volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. While he was recovering, finally he had stopped smoking after 40+ years due to his time in the hospital, he began spending a great deal of time on the internet. he met someone. One morning, I awoke to him on the phone with someone, I could tell it was not his sister nor my mother, so I got up. I proceeded to go outside. So I walked to the breakfast room, so I could evesdrop on him. I heard him end the call with “I Love You.” Now you must understand I had not heard my dad say I love you in years, nor had I heard him say it to my mother or his family in years. So when he came in I asked him who he was saying I love you to and he could not give me an answer. So I asked him why he could say it to someone he had not even met face to face but he could not say it to me, no answer again. So I blurted out, You are not my father. Mom told me the truth about my conception and you are not my biological dad. It was not long for he and my mother divorced; and he has nothing to do with me. I have written him and tried to connect on Facebook. But, to this day he has nothing to do with me or my mother. Makes me very sad to look at Family photo albums.
Then there is my biological dad, whom I have not had, nor will I be able to for is no longer on this earth, the pleasure of meeting. His name is J.C. Lee, that is all I have. I know he had two teenage daughters when I was one, which makes them in their fifties now. I know his wife at the time was Billy Gene and I know they attended the same church my parents did at the time, Wilson Memorial. But that is all I have;  and this picture.


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