Bubble Bath Memories

relaxing in the tub the other night, images of yesterday began flowing from each speck of sud as it burst with relaxation. It was exhilarating, in the moment, the many memories that coursed through my mind. They began to play out on the pink tile surrounding the tub. The door open suddenly with each day that has transpired in this, once happy, home. Sitting there I realized how many baths I have taken in this aging tub. I realized the days that have transpired, all that has taken place, in just these four walls. This has been a place of solitude and safety. I would come here to escape the pressures and people of the moment. It is here that I am able to completely be myself. All walls are down, all mask are put away, all demons are locked away, all fears are banished, and all doubt is erased. I am safe and free in this moment of bubble bath memories.

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