Is it all just a Dream?

Greetings World,

The past week I have been in the trenches of depression while trying to complete my first book. Swamped with the horrible stories that plague the news everyday I have opted for watching re-runs of my favorite shows; like : “Warehouse 13” and “Charmed.”

I have completed my first poetry book. “Stitches” by Jay Crider. I was taken back, while putting it together, at how many pieces I have written over the years. It is well over 300 pieces now; I would say only 80% is publishable.
It is extremely difficult to clear the fog that seems to be taking over my brain. I struggle, as we all do, just to maintain some balance; some clarity.

Hopefully, the moments of the future are not so crippling and disconnecting.

Have a beautiful evening.

Peace, Light, and Love.

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