America’s Got Talent Radio City Music Hall First Live Show


Sitting back with the husband watching America’s Got Talent. This has been a favorite show of ours considering it started around the same time he and I met. It has brought us hours of laughter, tears, and joy. Sometimes we are divided in who we like and other times we are united in the jubilation of a contestant going on to the next round.

So far this new season has not disappointed. It has, in our opinions, gotten better and better.  This season is fantastic.  I unfortunately have not been wowed yet by any of the performers in the first hour. I was disappointed in Special Head. The seventeen year old magician was excellent, however I was not blown away.

Izzy and Aaralyn brought the second hour justice. These two are awesome. It is a shame that Howard gave them an ‘X’. I greatly disagree with him. These siblings are ROCKIN! “Stepping in Dog Poop” is freaking awesome.  @AaralynAndIzzy if you have not seen them, please check them out. They are so cute, yet rock so hard.

Alexandria the Great caught my attention with her alluding to Houdini. I have to admit her escape was impressive. I bet it was difficult darling she just commented, ” I know now why Houdini refused to do this escape, it was difficult.” @Alexanderia_EA

The Kristef brothers are two talented young men. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance. It was funny, skilled, and strangely erotic. Well done. @KristefBrothers

It is difficult for me to watch the Television at the same time. I have to see what I am typing; my husband keeps hollering at me to look up so I do not miss anything. So I think I am going to watch the last twenty minutes here and then I will wrap it all up… laughing to myself realizing I just said that like I was actually in a face to face conversation with the world. Thank Goodness for Commercials.

Back from commercials and unfortunately Hype, the dance trio, did not wow me either. Branden James, the next act, an opera singer; gay opera singer who came from a conservative home chose an appropriate first song in my opinion( watching as I type…lol). He actually raised up emotion in my dear husband. He just commented, “my black heart just cracked a little.”

So the voting now begins, whom do I use my twitter vote on this evening? HMMMM…..

Can not wait for tomorrow night. Looking forward to another great show. Thank you NBC. One of the best shows on television today.

Have a great evening everyone.

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