The Time Draws Near for My Vision will be Seen


Playing with the title of this post. Being me, quirky! I wanted to touch base and let everyone know that my books will be published come July 30th(exactly at Midnight); they will be available for purchase. For more info please go to the Book Page. Instead of the two books, this is going to be three released. A little extra for those excited about the upcoming books come the end of August I will be publishing Three more books and…….Come October 1st, I will be publishing the big one, an autobiography/non-fiction/drama/comedy of sorts. Do not want to say more than that. Have not had the pleasure of posting as much as I would like. My life has consisted of caring for my husband, my mother’s house, and myself; writing; cooking; writing; television; and the occasional trip to the grocery store. My writing has taken over much of my free time. I must admit that not all of it has actually been doing actual writing. My mind and the muse within, they are constantly working these days. I have so much I wanted to say, I want to share, I want to express, that it at times becomes overwhelming. I really need to get a digital recorder or that really cool dragon program. Well I digress. I must go now, lots to do before Monday night.

Have a blessed and Beautiful Day

Peace, Light, and Love

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