“Prediction Addiction” is finally available for consumption

Today is the day.

I had to resubmit due to some changes, but it will be available tomorrow; “Prediction Addiction” is now living and breathing. I am so happy and excited. It is the first of many poetry books to come.
I hope that you enjoy it and for those that do buy a copy, Thank You; words can not describe how grateful and appreciative I am.

 For now it is only available on Createspace.com’s Estore. But, with in the next week it will be available on Amazon.com. When it is I will have that link available as well.

If you would like a copy, please click the link below.

“Prediction Addiction” by  J.C. Crider©2013


Much Peace, Light and Love to everyone.


Side note, I landed an amazing job this morning.