It will get better!

Struggling to find my voice, still, at the age of 38. I wonder will I ever find my voice. It is there I feel its presence, but somehow in the translation of life it has gotten lost. I have published three poetry books, self published that is. I have only sold two copies. Proof that I have not put the effort into selling them. However, in my defense depression was in control here recently. My autobiography/non-fiction is still a work in progress, but I am closer to finishing than I was a month ago, which there is something to say for that; AWESOME! I hope everyone is hanging in there. Found a way to make some steady income and am excited for the opportunity. I will try and keep you, my faithful readers, up to date. It has been chaotic, to say the least, in my ho usehold and I can only hope that somehow the seasons to come will bring some resolution and peace.

Peace, Light, and Love

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