Supplementing Income during Unemployment

Being unemployed has been, to say the least, difficult. During my twenties I made some lifestyle choices that have affected me both financially and spiritually. I accept full responsibility for the stupidity I displayed and blame no one but myself. However, in doing that I am paying for those mistakes. Finding a job has proven both difficult and equally frustrating. I have done interviews after interviews as well as applied to many other jobs. There is this air that surrounds me and I feel is the reason I am unable to get a job now. I exude depression and low self-worth. Not a good aura to have when seeking employment.
But, low and behold, “where there is a will, there is way,” proves to be a true and worthy statement for as I have struggled in search of a job I have also sought and educated myself on other means to earn an income of some type through online ventures. Finally, I have stumbled upon one, that actually works; and gives me the ability to earn a fair and decent wage. Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best site by far I found that pays you for the work you do. Everything from surveys to transcription. It’s all up to the worker how much they make. As of now I am doing well, not $8 hour well, but with a little more effort and determination, it is possible.
I feel the want to write finally boiling to the surface, because now I see a way that I can give to my family and the love of my life. It sadness and depresses the situation more when those I care for suffer and there is nothing I can do at the moment; but, there is always something and I have finally found a way. Blessed Be!
There is always light in darkness, it has to be sought and found. Something I believe with all my heart you can not have light without darkness, you can not have good without evil. You can not have a positive without a negative. For there would be no balance only chaos.
I shall tarry forth in this twisted world we live in. My life is my success, the mere fact I am still breathing and am able to wake with the morning sun is a miracle in itself. I am blessed in so many ways I feel so undeserving of such blessings. But I am blessed and I am grateful for these many blessings.
In closing, to my fellow bloggers and my faithful readers, I am back and more is to come. Oh, so much more.
Peace, Light, and Love

2 thoughts on “Supplementing Income during Unemployment

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