A New Job Opportunity, A New Outlook, and hopefully a New Way

As stated in my previous post “I am back.” The past year since my grandfathers passing and having to have relocated back home, to my mothers, life has been stressed; and I have become severely depressed. Old habits have tried their best to resurface, but somehow I have managed to squeeze out my first self-published poetry books; as well as finish five chapters of my memoir. But finding work has been extremely difficult since New Orleans. I was fired from a job for using the credit card machine as an ATM; now in my defense my last job of five years I learned it was no big deal as long as I have the money in my account. The family that owned this business drank and completely ignored the fact that those that worked around me stole from them on a daily basis. Instead of being the “snitch,” I took my punishment and left. The place is bad. It was dirty, filthy more like it, and the food was awful. Since then I have been very critical of my employers. Not a great attitude to have. I worked for a short time at a bagel shop after we moved back here. I was grateful to be employed again after having been fired for the first time in my twenty years of working. It damaged my ego and my confidence. However, the general manager sacrificed quality for speed; customers would complain that their food allergy request were not being met; I watched the general manager blatantly cut a customer off in the middle of a transaction and walk away from here(a solid regular at that) with out a single word-as me being all the way across the restaurant seeing this I rushed to her assistance and then was blamed for the delay in her service. I took my concerns to the area manager and was met with doubt and brushed off. On top of all that the General Manager had only been with the company for six months and had while I was there with the company taken 3 of 5 vacations since starting. So I left. Since then I have been very particular of the jobs I apply to. I know what I am worth. I know my skill. I am a kick ass employee to have. Just ask Tommy of Tommy’s Sandwich Shop. I am not going to give my blood, sweat, tears, smiles, skills, intellect, compassion, loyalty, and dependability to just anyone. I know I have to work to survive in today’s world, however I would choose to live in the woods than let another person put me through the crap I have gone through. I have more respect for not only myself but the human race as well. So I am off to get ready for an interview at a local restaurant here as a dishwasher. I have been applying to jobs that are different than what I normally do in the industry, which has been the front of the house. But, I have become so jaded by others working with the public is not such a good idea at the moment. I do not want to go outside the industry. I have put a great deal of time and effort in expanding my knowledge; howbeit mostly through television except my food safety certification, it is still knowledge. I am excited. Hopefully it is the beginning of a new way.
As mentioned, due to others and life in general, I have become jaded. I honestly have no desire to be around people nor I desire to serve them anymore. Something, since childhood, I have desired. When I was a kid I told my mom “I wanted to be either be an actor or a butler.” She asked, “why?” My response to her was this “Well mom they are both careers of service. I want to be of service to others; and if you think of it you have to act in both roles.” So over the years I have grown to not like much anymore. I have mentally and physically sacred myself due to the side effects of making some seriously stupid choices as well as been hurt by so many. But, I realize, thanks to my dark husband, that I must change that. So starting today, I am going to try and have a new outlook each day. Meaning I am going to search for something I like for the next thirty days. Suggestions are greatly appreciated and extremely welcomed. Knowledge is power.
So with this new job opportunity and this new outlook, hopefully a new way along a yellow brick road will be revealed and all that we have dreamed together be brought to life. I hope you all have a great day. Thank you so much for reading my thoughts and my life. Blessed Be; Peace, Light, and Love!

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