Dishwasher, wash those dishes!

I am happy and excited to announce I got the job. I start at 4pm today as a dishwasher for a nice east cobb restaurant. The past forty eight hours has been insane. Old habits tried their best to resurface and for a moment they did. However my will and my strength to give a better life for my partner and I prevailed. It has been rough.
A new way is being created as I write. I am discontinuing the habit of smoking cigarettes today. I have had some so far, but come 3pm no more. I have lived way outside of my means. Depending on my mother to care for me and my partner. Depression is a Bitch. It has controlled me since February. No more though. I know what I am worth, I know my strengths, I know my weaknesses. I know myself, better than I would like sometimes. I am strong, I am loyal, I am kind, I am trustworthy, I am dependable, I am efficient, I am caring, and I am intelligent. Depression and the pains of addiction have tried their hardest to remove these great qualities within me. NO more will their half hearted attempts be allowed. I am done with self pity, misery, depression, and fear. No more will they live in my soul.
I will prevail and I will continue to grow; and grow stronger.
Peace Light and love

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