Four Years, WOW!

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 4 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I received this wonderful gift today when I logged into my WordPress account. My joy and appreciation is overflowing. My week has been spent washing dishes vigorously and attempting to work myself to the bone which is just in my character; when I work, I, work.  It has been both a rewarding and hurtful week. Rewarding in the sense that my spirit and mind are rejuvenated by the feeling of accomplishment; hurting because the bruises on my body and the cuts all over my hands hurt as does my lower back and my right knee.  Thank you WordPress for the Anniversary gift. It truly is hard to believe that I have blogged, on and off, for four years; that One Voice, Among Billions has been alive. It is an awesome realization that my creation has been alive for this long. I am proud of my blog, for it is me in every sense of the word.

Thank You WordPress for providing an outlet where I can express myself.

Peace, Light, and Love

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