A Pinncale Star in my Palm and Hands that go Numb at Night

The dishwasher job is going well. Unfortunately a side affect the past couple of weeks has been a numbness in my hands when I sleep. It is as if they have “Fallen Asleep” and I can not wake them up. It hurts slightly from the obvious lack of blood flow. I am not sure if it is because my hands are not use to this type of work; yet.
Then there is the pinnacle star I discovered in the palm of my hand the other day. I have always taken an interest in looking at the lines on my palms. Palm reading, tarot, all that has held a deep interest for me since I was a teenager. So looking at my left palm yesterday before getting ready for work, there I noticed, an up right, five point star. It is new, it was not there before. Wild!

I have sold only two copies of my books so far. I urge you to take the risk and check them out. I can guarantee that you will be entertained to some degree.

Hope you have a great and blessed Sunday.

Peace Light and Love

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