Month 1 of my new quest; 12 months of art and poetry

How goes it everyone. To my readers I hope all is well with you thank you for taking the time to check in and see how my journey goes. All is well thus far and on schedule, my new job washing dishes has taken up a great deal of my time here recently, but I am just about adjusted the schedule and the routine. I must add, I am truly grateful for my new job and I absolutely love it. I am on the front lines in sanitation of the restaurant and if I do not do my job efficiently and accurately then disease and sickness can eventually become an issue. I take great pride in that.

Back to month one of my journey to reignite that which burns so bright deep within; my creativity. This month is about the season; about giving and receiving; about the joy in all that is. This month I will be working a piece that will show the holidays. I do not need any help this month in materials, for I have a majority of what I need. I will be putting up pictures Tuesday 12/10/2013 of my current progress on the piece.

As far as the poetry book of the month I am still toying with two different themes. I will update as soon as I have something concrete.

Trying to watch a new anime my husband found and write is proving difficult, especially when it is pretty darn good. Check it out, “Log Horizon.” I am diggin’ it. Thanks again to all my fans, readers, and followers. Your support and time is appreciated and valued. Without your investment and interest my voice would remain silent and the story of me would go unnoticed. I am humbled and in your debt you have my greatest gratitude. Be Blessed, Much Peace, Light, and love to you all.