On the Road with Gina Taye: Queen of the States and 12 Months of Creativity

It has been a crazy seven months. I have completed seven pieces of art as well as seven pieces of poetry. I know…I have not written a book a month. Almost but no cigar. Now it may end up differently at the end of the these twelve months of delving into my creative self.


However, I have been unable to document the entire process. During my journey of creativity I have come to want more and more for freedom from the prison I have lived in my entire life, my body; thus, the title “On the Road with Gina Taye: Queen of the States.” I have started a YouTube Show, airing every Sunday night at 11:11 on my channel GenderMoon, called “The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye”. Who is Gina Taye, Gina is the character, drag/impersonator, I created back during my time in college. A vision of a documentary I would like to make has recently taken over my every waking moment: “Forgotten Flowers: Transgender in the U.S.A.” So much has happened. I appeal to you to click on the titles and check out all the is going on with my creative journey and where it has taken me.

Thank You

Peace, Light, and Love

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