Afternoon friend

The weekend has proven to be rather rejuvenating. I work tonight counting bra’s and panties at Victoria Secret. Then in the morning i count beauty supllies for Sally’s Beauty Supplies.
Love it. Helps me decide on my look for when i present myself as a woman; this living as someone, something, I am not has truly taken its toll upon me.
Until next time my friend.
Yours Always,


Evening my friend

So another productive day. My lwft is swollen. I really need to get knee pads. Inventory, counting various products, requires the individual to be up and down often.
I am tired. Missed my morning post for i could not see past the sandman’s residue still in my eyes, work was intense-accused of skipping out on work, so nit the case- and got the laundry done.
Until tomorrow my friend
Yours Always,

Morning old friend

Good morning my old friend, the internet. So its been up and down since I last blog on a daily basis. My husband is hanging in there and we are still living with my mother. Life is okay. Until later i hope you have a good day old friend and to everyone else, may your day be full of education and love
Your always