I am ready to move on

“I am beat down by this world and no longer feel I belong here. I am ready to move on, die! I am ready to shed this fleshly vessel and move on into darkness or light;  anything is better than this world we have created.”
This is just an emotional piece in response to the current state of affairs our world is in. I apologize for upsetting those dear to me. Much light love and peace
Until next time
Yours Always


The Emmys 2016

Only thirty minutes remain before not only do I get to relive my childhood, but I get to see who wins.
At the young age of four I was introduced to The Emmy Award Show. My dreams were set in stone at that moment; literally for that is all they are, then and now, dreams. I digress, but i wanted to be an actor; heck even at the age of seven while watching the Oscars i had a vision of me winning an award-so much that!
Forty one minutes in and I am not disappointed. I am enjoying myself. Made some brownies some milk and I am all of eight years old again.
“Battle of the Bastards” won-hell yes.
Love, love that the trans community has recieved such acceptance this year. Now i wish they would translate to the rest of the country.
I may not live as a woman yet or am in the process of transitioning, family and finances dictates otherwise at the moment, but when I tell people I am, they tend to alienate me more than if I was actually living as a woman- really weird and disheartening.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Emmy’s this evening; worth staying up later than usual worth every minute-except some of those crappy commercials.
The inmemoriam had me in tears. Come October first i will have been alive for forty one years. The inmemoriam segment had me realizing, ” oh, dear I am getting old. All the great people of the entermaint world I grew up with are miving on to next life; I am getting old, even though I do not feel that way.
Jimmy Kimmel is doing a stand up job-pun intended.
Freaking awesome, Romey Malik(sorry if misspelled). He so deserves this award for his role. AMAZING, it seems The Emmys are actually giving awards to such talented and deserving individuals. Game of Thrones won, yaaassss!!!
Great night. Thank you to the producers of this years show. Well Done!
Until next time friends,
Yours Always,

Thank you again Emmys for.bringing some nostalgia and entertainment this  dreary day.

Gas crisis in Ga.

Amazing so a pipeline leaks in Alabama, now there is no shortage, but the “issue” is trucking the fuel? Say What? What does that have to do with the sudden shortage. Makes no sense. All the while the QT down the road is completely out of fuel and gas stations are taking advantage of the situation by raising prices. What the heck is going on?

A long over due expression of gratitude and appreciation

Many years ago, I was blessed with the revealation that I would know my hearts truest desire, to have a family where I am the matriach  figure; husband and two children at least.
Well, my partner and I have been together for, come April, eleven years and there are two young men that we have known since they were twelve. They have become adopted family.
So yes, they universe has given me what it said it would, a family. However, the lessons that came with it all was really what I needed.

Making others laugh

Making others laugh brings me such joy and surprise-simply because I can not recall a time when, what I say and how I deliver it and brought laughter, was encouraged to continue, if just on the side, doing  comedy.
We had just arrived back to our office. I was driving the company van,  with an all ladies crew, and as we pulled in I stated in an amusement park annpuncers voice, “Thank you ladies for choosing RGIS Van lines. I hope you all have enjoyed your trip. I hope it was pleasant and please remember to pick up after yourself. Have a beautiful day.”
Every one of my co-workers lost their composure and broke out laughing.
It brought such joy to hear the cackles of enjoyment. It made the end of a tidious morning at work yestrrday more worth it.
Today on the other hand was no.laughing matter, for we only had 8 counters to inventory a ROSS (dress for less). However, I still retained the joy felt yesterday throughout, with the exception when c and I shared our views on our companywith one another.
Well until tomorrow friend, friends
Yours Always,

Labor Day

Some time to rest, eat, rekax, and reflect on the past years labor.
Looking back it has been a deluge of disappointments from my employer and my co-workers; a tidel wave of self realizations of what I am truly capable of. I am grateful for the ability and opportunity to do what I do; I love what I do now.
I hope you have a safe, happy, and relaxing Labor Day.
Until next time friend,
Yours Always,

“Idiocracy” – funny movie, but I am living it right now

Who knew that the creators of “Idiocracy” were psychic. This stuff with Trump only proves that we have gotten dumber. I am sad. Thought we were evolving towards enlighment and the betterment of our species; not self centered, self serving, idiots we are becoming. I am worried about the future of mankind.
Until next time friend.
Yours Always,