Making others laugh

Making others laugh brings me such joy and surprise-simply because I can not recall a time when, what I say and how I deliver it and brought laughter, was encouraged to continue, if just on the side, doing  comedy.
We had just arrived back to our office. I was driving the company van,  with an all ladies crew, and as we pulled in I stated in an amusement park annpuncers voice, “Thank you ladies for choosing RGIS Van lines. I hope you all have enjoyed your trip. I hope it was pleasant and please remember to pick up after yourself. Have a beautiful day.”
Every one of my co-workers lost their composure and broke out laughing.
It brought such joy to hear the cackles of enjoyment. It made the end of a tidious morning at work yestrrday more worth it.
Today on the other hand was no.laughing matter, for we only had 8 counters to inventory a ROSS (dress for less). However, I still retained the joy felt yesterday throughout, with the exception when c and I shared our views on our companywith one another.
Well until tomorrow friend, friends
Yours Always,

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