The Emmys 2016

Only thirty minutes remain before not only do I get to relive my childhood, but I get to see who wins.
At the young age of four I was introduced to The Emmy Award Show. My dreams were set in stone at that moment; literally for that is all they are, then and now, dreams. I digress, but i wanted to be an actor; heck even at the age of seven while watching the Oscars i had a vision of me winning an award-so much that!
Forty one minutes in and I am not disappointed. I am enjoying myself. Made some brownies some milk and I am all of eight years old again.
“Battle of the Bastards” won-hell yes.
Love, love that the trans community has recieved such acceptance this year. Now i wish they would translate to the rest of the country.
I may not live as a woman yet or am in the process of transitioning, family and finances dictates otherwise at the moment, but when I tell people I am, they tend to alienate me more than if I was actually living as a woman- really weird and disheartening.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Emmy’s this evening; worth staying up later than usual worth every minute-except some of those crappy commercials.
The inmemoriam had me in tears. Come October first i will have been alive for forty one years. The inmemoriam segment had me realizing, ” oh, dear I am getting old. All the great people of the entermaint world I grew up with are miving on to next life; I am getting old, even though I do not feel that way.
Jimmy Kimmel is doing a stand up job-pun intended.
Freaking awesome, Romey Malik(sorry if misspelled). He so deserves this award for his role. AMAZING, it seems The Emmys are actually giving awards to such talented and deserving individuals. Game of Thrones won, yaaassss!!!
Great night. Thank you to the producers of this years show. Well Done!
Until next time friends,
Yours Always,

Thank you again Emmys for.bringing some nostalgia and entertainment this  dreary day.

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