Beef Stew and a Different View

So the second presidential debt was last night. What a joke!
Got home and had to devour the beef stew my mom made last night. While eating my lunch after a morning of work, I realized my view, my perception, has changed; not just from turning 41, but thanks to the president race this year it has changed. I realize even more now that the american public is doomed.


Nasty cold or the flu

Not sure which it might be but this is week two, well two and half weeks, and yesterday was the peak of agony.
I feel some what better. But this is awful. I have kept on going working, cleaning(kind of), & cooking(sord of) So tired. Another big inventory, advance hub stores usually are, tomorrow. Starts at 5am.
Until next time.
Yours Always

Happy Birthday to Me

I am 41 years old today. After the past 18 years I am so grateful to the Divine Universe for the blessing that is my life.
I have no REAL friends, just an accumilation of aquiantences; I have no home or car and yet I still feel happy today.
I have a fair to decent job, a kind of husband, a wonderful mother, a great cat, and my breath. To me that makes me the wealthiest person in the Universe.
So Happy Birthday to me!