Unknown yesterday

The mind struggles for yesterdays
Grasping for those moments so
They bubble to the surface with ease.
Or so it seems-when, actually, they have simmered for years.
Laying in wait to strike their blows of revelation.
Revealing the truth in self.
Revealing the truth that is life.
Revealing today is not written and tomorrow will always there.


What happened to…?

Berries of memory burst
Exposing a reality that
No longer exsist.
Chocolate chip cookies
Like grandmas best
Saturate the air-
As the mind recalls
The days once lived.
Manners use to be
In abundance, being
Couteous was
Second nature for many,
And thoughtfulness was
Orginality was the basis
For all creativity,
Not someone elses work
Repurposed for the masses.
What happened to people
As i watch them become
More and more
Stubborn, selfish,
And greedy
A sense
Despair and dread
Overpowers the
Sweet fruit
That is