My heart, my human heart is breaking

Fearful on conversion therapy!
It appears with recent prejudice,
And race superiority complex running rampant,
A universal cry
Belts out, “clarity.”
My heart
my human heart, broke
As sides were taken, i hope
                   This is all a joke.
Now I an over forty,
transwoman, once
scared to live as my true self
now fightened
by the latest and what seems
a flood,
Of biblical porportions,
Of bigorty and hate.
raised by a father
who swore by that horrid N-word, claiming
“All white men should own six,”
Am appauled that,
That assholes philosphies
Permeate our society.
Ashamed- ashamed to be human
In todays world, ashamed.
The permeation that resonates
Within my being is this
Are we not all pretty much
Made up of the same crap?


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