Blessed, Divine Energy

It flows effortlessly
within the fabric
of every living,
natural energy producing,
either elemental
or the biological,
entity that exist
at this very moment.
It is what truly connects.
Not a single essence
can claim its right,
for it is everything
and nothing
it is good
it is bad
it is balance
it is just
it is merciful
it is wrathful
it is ife
it is death
it is rebirth
for it never dies
it only changes
becoming something new
and sometimes different.
It is the divine energy
that which seemlessly flows.
Its energy
is us and us it.
And thats that.
Pretty logical i know,
still all the same
i would be wrought
with guilt
and would not
get a wink of sleep
if i did not give
my thanks
to that divine energy
that binds all
of our known
unknown exsistance.
Truly words
can not give
to the depths
of my gratitude
this very moment.
Blessed Be

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