Free the Beast of Truth

It is time to free all that has gone unsaid, the Beast of Truth; it hurts but its healing powers are undeniable.
First: i have opened my life and my self up to two particular people. One is respectful the other disrespectful. But birh make me feel used.
Second: i have done business with a particular female for ten years and the amount of disrespect from her & after i have spent thousands of dollars over the years is astonshing.
Third: i helped an inividual out for over a year and she treated me like i was the bad guy even though i was voluntarily giving her my time.
I AM a good individual, admittedly with my own demons to be exorcised, but the treatment over the past twenty plus years has taken its toll upon me. I no longer can give of myself to anyone in any capacity. I am drained of my kindness. It has made me physically and emotionally unhealthy.
As far as i am concerned i no longer exsist. What stands in my place is not my energy. It is some dark presence that those paths i have crossed are responsible for. I own up to the responsabilty of allowing it all to happen and to the choices made because of them all.
Remember what you say how you act with people whom are a part of your life in any capacity- affects them. Now i have not done well in this area myself because i am weak; But no longer is this the case.

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