Can not remember if I had published this one before or not, I can not seem to find it any where which leaves me to believe I have not. But I am not 100% certain. ūüôā I hope all my readers are enjoying the journey and appreciate my voice even if you do not agree with, support, or believe my words; but I truly am honored and grateful for you all.

Ne weekly segment will be “Check it Out and Show some Love” which if you notice was “Please Read ad Show some Love.” I have been sharing a lot this few days ,because I am seeking to grow my brand-Diana Jay Crider, Writer, Poet, Performer, Data Entry Specialist.

Pleasant Dreams!



Once upon a time

Once, upon an intoxicating night

I became lucidly aware

of, what I can only describe,

as pure light


from true friendship.

It is flawed and refined.

Polished and in

so-so condition.

It is true and real:

rocky, changing,

and endless.

Privy to this knowledge

that real relationships

are not


they just are what

they are

imperfect perfection.

My teeth, my Teeth , for a Tooth Fairy

crumbling plaque,

exposing precious


blackness from sweet

cane corrupts the shield

of the bodies necessary

apparatus for grinding


tobacco lingers in the air

to be completely fair

it always been there

since the first cell

divide it has always

been there.


now rotting flesh

hilariously, gnaws, its way

to my precious bone.

Teeth, My teeth, for a

Tooth  Fairy, to

come and take away

the flesh that

no longer





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Bacon Wrapped Memories

Pork loin roast
Wrapped in bacon
Saturates the air
Bringing forth
Tucked away
In its goodness.
Eating green beans
From grannies garden
As bacon sizzled
And fresh biscuit aroma
Waffed through the air.
A circle of matriarchs
Gaggled as preparations
For the afternoon feast
Fueled their tales and gossip.
Those sweet stills from the past
Brighten the darkness
That attempts to corrupt.
Those sweet smells
Piercing the air
Reminding me of who
Shatters those fears
Those doubts
Bringing forth
Every moment
That has shaped
My heart
My mind
But not taking away from
The maddness that
Is me
But adding
To the uniqueness
Of my being.
Becoming fortified
By the shackels
Of the past.