12 Months of Creativity: Poetry Book Month One; Progress

I am trucking along with the book. I am rather pleased with my progress.
As promised here is a sample:

“I have wandered
aimlessly and at times
in a self induced
mind altering
I am not ashamed
nor do I regret
any moment in the past.
I appreciate
what each
experience brought;
adding to the content
of me.”

It is coming along nicely.
Enjoy and have a blessed day.
Peace, light, and love

12 months of creativity: Poetry book, month one

Body drained of lives ocean
leaving the flesh in need of lotion.
The spirit is battered by delusions of completion.
The beauty in trust is misguided,
broken,  and used against the heart.
Deciet in the past, deciet in the present has crippled todays mind.
Fear of sucess, of failure, of not being good enough or worth anything has ruled far to long.
Lorde sooths the pain that coarse through the heart.

As promised the exert above is from a poem in month one’s poetry book. It should give you a glimse into the content and theme of the book. Enjoy! I should have some snapshots of art in progress some time before Monday.
Thank you coming and checking in on whats going on with the challenge; I grately appreciate each and everyone of you. Your continued support lifts me up; and encourages me to continue in my endeavors.
May your day be blessed and your weekend rejuvinating.

12 Months of art and creativity(poetry and art) Challenge

To all my fellow readers and followers/fans please be advised the challenges is still on; I have, to say the least, been otherwise preoccupied. The poetry is in my head as is the art. Now to bring it to life. I am aware I promised pics in earlier post and as promised when the process of bringin each to life unfolds I will visually document it in its entirety. I am human and one that many times takes a while ,many of times, to follow through with their word or promise. My intentions are of the purest nature. I strive for good each day; however when it comes to myself I still have a great deal of crap to let go of ( I am working on it)
In closing I truly love and appreciate each and every person who has supported me by reading and or following my blog.

Month 1 of my new quest; 12 months of art and poetry

How goes it everyone. To my readers I hope all is well with you thank you for taking the time to check in and see how my journey goes. All is well thus far and on schedule, my new job washing dishes has taken up a great deal of my time here recently, but I am just about adjusted the schedule and the routine. I must add, I am truly grateful for my new job and I absolutely love it. I am on the front lines in sanitation of the restaurant and if I do not do my job efficiently and accurately then disease and sickness can eventually become an issue. I take great pride in that.

Back to month one of my journey to reignite that which burns so bright deep within; my creativity. This month is about the season; about giving and receiving; about the joy in all that is. This month I will be working a piece that will show the holidays. I do not need any help this month in materials, for I have a majority of what I need. I will be putting up pictures Tuesday 12/10/2013 of my current progress on the piece.

As far as the poetry book of the month I am still toying with two different themes. I will update as soon as I have something concrete.

Trying to watch a new anime my husband found and write is proving difficult, especially when it is pretty darn good. Check it out, “Log Horizon.” I am diggin’ it. Thanks again to all my fans, readers, and followers. Your support and time is appreciated and valued. Without your investment and interest my voice would remain silent and the story of me would go unnoticed. I am humbled and in your debt you have my greatest gratitude. Be Blessed, Much Peace, Light, and love to you all.

A Pinncale Star in my Palm and Hands that go Numb at Night

The dishwasher job is going well. Unfortunately a side affect the past couple of weeks has been a numbness in my hands when I sleep. It is as if they have “Fallen Asleep” and I can not wake them up. It hurts slightly from the obvious lack of blood flow. I am not sure if it is because my hands are not use to this type of work; yet.
Then there is the pinnacle star I discovered in the palm of my hand the other day. I have always taken an interest in looking at the lines on my palms. Palm reading, tarot, all that has held a deep interest for me since I was a teenager. So looking at my left palm yesterday before getting ready for work, there I noticed, an up right, five point star. It is new, it was not there before. Wild!

I have sold only two copies of my books so far. I urge you to take the risk and check them out. I can guarantee that you will be entertained to some degree.

Hope you have a great and blessed Sunday.

Peace Light and Love

Four Years, WOW!

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 4 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I received this wonderful gift today when I logged into my WordPress account. My joy and appreciation is overflowing. My week has been spent washing dishes vigorously and attempting to work myself to the bone which is just in my character; when I work, I, work.  It has been both a rewarding and hurtful week. Rewarding in the sense that my spirit and mind are rejuvenated by the feeling of accomplishment; hurting because the bruises on my body and the cuts all over my hands hurt as does my lower back and my right knee.  Thank you WordPress for the Anniversary gift. It truly is hard to believe that I have blogged, on and off, for four years; that One Voice, Among Billions has been alive. It is an awesome realization that my creation has been alive for this long. I am proud of my blog, for it is me in every sense of the word.

Thank You WordPress for providing an outlet where I can express myself.

Peace, Light, and Love

12 Months of Art and Twelve Months of Poetry; 12 Months of Pure Creativity

Starting an art project the first of December where I will create one piece each month for 12 months as well as write a poetry book each month(got to reboot my creativity).
Each will be unique and I will auction off each piece at the end of the month; I will sell each poetry book through  Createspace. 10% of the profit will go to aid those in the Philippines and 10% will go to other charities.
 I will be needing some random stuff; so I need your help.
SHARE this post to get the word out. Because I will need several different types materials to do my pieces of art. I will post a detail list of what materials I will be using each month. Any and all help will greatly be appreciated. Most if not all the materials will be random, quirky things.
I will post links to where to send your contributions.
I hope your day is going well.
Peace, Light, and Love to all.