The end of the day and as promised, Butterscotch Caramel Cheesecake is here

Butterscotch Caramel Cheesecake IMG_20141213_220811 IMG_20141213_220820 IMG_20141213_221331 IMG_20141213_221343 IMG_20141213_221408 IMG_20141213_221421

I am about to sit down with my wonderful other half and watch some “Grimm” and “Constantine” while enjoying this fine product. I am super proud of the final product.

The dust grows steadily!

With Answers comes solutions, however, we may not like them.

I am super happy to be back blogging.

Look forward to our next encounter.

Until we next rise

Have a glorious night!

– D.J.

Peace, Light & Love

My breath has been stolen

Morning great and beautiful world.

So last night I noticed there was a fog around our neighborhood. It was a dust fog from all the dirt they are dumping in the vegetative waste next to our neighborhood; from the Braves Stadium construction. When I awoke this morning I felt as if someone had crammed a handful of dirt into my mouth; almost like I slept in desert. The crap I am coughing up is not pleasant either.  I FB messaged our local news channel about the situation. I am curious if my voice will even be heard. Moving on, shall we.

I am making a Butterscotch Caramel Cheesecake today. I made a double layer pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving, my first cheesecake ever, and my passion for baking was reignited. I will take plenty of pictures.

Until we meet again later

Have a great day.

Peace, Light, and Love


I am back

I admit it has been sometime since I have blogged.

So much has transpired; my grandfather passing, the first disbursement of my inheritance, the rise and fall of the ocean, and so much more I would rather not bore you with the gory details. Alas, I am back.

It is going to be mighty difficult to complete all the projects for the “12 month of creativity;poetry and art” challenge I imposed upon myself. Rest assured that as soon as the road is clear I shall complete each and every one.

Gina Taye Queen of the States was and is a wash out, therefore it has been cancelled. Her YouTube show, “The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye” has been cancelled as well.

I will be starting a new show in January.

Thank you for taking the time to bring me into your world, I hope  I have brought some peace, light, and love into yours.

Until we rise and shine

Have a great night.

-D.J. Crider (Diana Jay Crider)

On the Road with Gina Taye: Queen of the States and 12 Months of Creativity

It has been a crazy seven months. I have completed seven pieces of art as well as seven pieces of poetry. I know…I have not written a book a month. Almost but no cigar. Now it may end up differently at the end of the these twelve months of delving into my creative self.


However, I have been unable to document the entire process. During my journey of creativity I have come to want more and more for freedom from the prison I have lived in my entire life, my body; thus, the title “On the Road with Gina Taye: Queen of the States.” I have started a YouTube Show, airing every Sunday night at 11:11 on my channel GenderMoon, called “The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye”. Who is Gina Taye, Gina is the character, drag/impersonator, I created back during my time in college. A vision of a documentary I would like to make has recently taken over my every waking moment: “Forgotten Flowers: Transgender in the U.S.A.” So much has happened. I appeal to you to click on the titles and check out all the is going on with my creative journey and where it has taken me.

Thank You

Peace, Light, and Love

Ferg’s and The Triple Threat

sat 6/14/14

PLACE: Ferg’s

2787main st east point ga 30344.

EVENT: Mimi Johnson’s The Triple Threat

Chef kerry jones

I rather fancied the high fashion, elegantly displayed art. the atmosphere is welcoming and entertaining. three hd tvs looked down upon the bar which I must add is mirrored the full length, crisp and pristine, lined with cleaned and brilliantly decorated bottles of the low and high-end of various adult liquid libations. catches the eye immediately.

upon arriving we did have a difficult time finding parking;thus my earlier stated concern. however once inside i am a little more relaxed. it is not my car in the first place for i have come upon this journey with snd because of my mother.normally i tried to avoid situations with my mother where she is involved with alcohol.

Reba bloom asst. MC

osingie(sp)-(mom’s coworker)/comedian:

variety like routine with excellent delivery mixed with the trials of her life that got her to performing hrt comedic musical variety performance. hilarious quite enjoyed her. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

mocha blue blaze-colorfully dressed sporting a bond gorgeous seventies like fro. her spoken and beautifully toned sung piece of love.3 1/2 out of 5 stars.(her delivery and observation of beat and rhythm was righteous.

diva Tyler(comedic actress)bright blonde hair hilarious African American woman. her delivery was spot on.cracked me up. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars on her performance.

Debbie grace-singer(while you are alone-first song written and performed by Debbie): pitch and tone is way off. applaud her courage to do her music, however in my opinion I feel this song might best be performed by a stronger, vocally, person.


second song-slightly better with in her range and key still however pitchy


women in jazz…oct 18 at Ferg’s for breast cancer awareness show.

the grapevine aids/hivfoundation.(part of proceeds go to foundation)


sweet baby Keita= Hilarious and  excellent professional delivery of material.

Steven Moore photography

fashion show/fashion by V Dixx

designs are for the everyday African American healthy and well fed lady. third outfit was high end sparkling like pewter and gold with a stylish hoodie. fifth out a throwback to the seventies pants suit ready for sand; six a elegant crotched dress off the shoulder exquisite;  seventh brightly printed mixed dress with tea cup bottom and flared left sleeve;  eighth piece is a mixed print dressed beautifully done.

the audience was very engaged, supportive, and from observation full upon the provided entertainment

tickets at door for us two 24$.

featured artist: mimi gorgeous. thick and elegantly presented woman.soothibg jazz tone such grace on the stage. 3.8 i enjoyed her performance and i am glad i came with mom.

overall show 3 1/2 out of 5.

nice menu selection. I splurged on the surf and bird 5 gumbo gulf shrimp, 6 wings and fries 12$

food arrived no sauces offered. a little overdone but nicely seasoned.fries ok, nicely seasoned. mild wings(6),  nice sauce still got a nice kick got my cheeks flush and toasty warm. my lips tingle with only what can be described as a soft fire. only because i was not provided sauces or a choice of: I only  got 3 not 5 shrimp which in fact where not gulf jumbo shrimp but regular, sadly frozen, shrimp i must give the food 2 out of 5 stars.  the young woman serving was polite and slightly attentive. Stephanie(server)

also ordered wings & fries basket 8$ 10 wings served with fries with choice of sauce ranch or blue cheese; platic fork provided withis order out of fries had to take sweet potato fries which i found taste like they were fried in oil that has been used all day not changed and poorly seasoned2 stars. total bill33.40 (1.40 tax) 2 white zins 8, 2 cokes 4.

Ferg’s overall rating in my opinion is  a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.









The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye and other news…….

Greetings, to the few and  to the many.  Twelve months of creativity is still going strong I have just decided since it has become something of a serious project starting November first I will begin releasing  each months poem and art piece; then in December I will auction of each piece of art and proceeds will go to various charities in January.

Now on to some really awesome news.  I have begun my first YouTube series entitled “The Sunday Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye.” It is the first show showcased on my GenderMoon Channel. So far so good. Super excited. Below I have provided links to the first two shows. Show number three is the evening, I hope you can check it out.


 The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye S1:E1

The Sunday Evening Report at 11:11 with Gina Taye S1:E2

12 Months of Creativity: Poetry Book Month One; Progress

I am trucking along with the book. I am rather pleased with my progress.
As promised here is a sample:

“I have wandered
aimlessly and at times
in a self induced
mind altering
I am not ashamed
nor do I regret
any moment in the past.
I appreciate
what each
experience brought;
adding to the content
of me.”

It is coming along nicely.
Enjoy and have a blessed day.
Peace, light, and love