Unknown yesterday

The mind struggles for yesterdays
Grasping for those moments so
They bubble to the surface with ease.
Or so it seems-when, actually, they have simmered for years.
Laying in wait to strike their blows of revelation.
Revealing the truth in self.
Revealing the truth that is life.
Revealing today is not written and tomorrow will always there.

What happened to…?

Berries of memory burst
Exposing a reality that
No longer exsist.
Chocolate chip cookies
Like grandmas best
Saturate the air-
As the mind recalls
The days once lived.
Manners use to be
In abundance, being
Couteous was
Second nature for many,
And thoughtfulness was
Orginality was the basis
For all creativity,
Not someone elses work
Repurposed for the masses.
What happened to people
As i watch them become
More and more
Stubborn, selfish,
And greedy
A sense
Despair and dread
Overpowers the
Sweet fruit
That is

Beef Stew and a Different View

So the second presidential debt was last night. What a joke!
Got home and had to devour the beef stew my mom made last night. While eating my lunch after a morning of work, I realized my view, my perception, has changed; not just from turning 41, but thanks to the president race this year it has changed. I realize even more now that the american public is doomed.

Good Morning Jonesboro, Ga.

Here in Jonesboro, Ga. This fine chilly morning to inventory an Advance Auto.
The weekend was so beautiful. Got to spend some time with a good friend.
Looking forward to what the week ahead has to offer. I am ready divine universe for all that you may throw or send my way.
Have a great day and a great week everyone.
May your week be full of growth, light, love,& peace.
Until next time
Yours Always

Gratitude wnd Appreciation

Been under the weather, sick, for the past two weeks; finally feel better thanks to my mom and my partner. The only two friends, aside from my nephew, that I have.
To me a real friend comes to visit. A real friend calls. A real friend cares and is interested about my life. Outside my family I do not have any of those.
For some reason people do not like being around me; and I am a really nice, caring, and loving person. Its so weird to me.
I mean if I was a bitch, an asshole, mean, uncaring, or uninterested I could understand my current state; but that is not the case.
Its weird. I use to know and was friends with many people, now I know very, very few people.
My mom says its because of my time abusing drugs, but I disagree; real-true- friends do not abandon you during times of need.
Some how we have moved into a very self-centered time in human history. People are only focused on their own selfish needs and survival.
We ALL have forgotten that we are all in this life, this world, together.
So in closing I am tremendously grateful and appreciative for my mom & my partner. Without them there is no telling where I would be.
Much light and love to you all.
Until next time
Yours Always

Nasty cold or the flu

Not sure which it might be but this is week two, well two and half weeks, and yesterday was the peak of agony.
I feel some what better. But this is awful. I have kept on going working, cleaning(kind of), & cooking(sord of) So tired. Another big inventory, advance hub stores usually are, tomorrow. Starts at 5am.
Until next time.
Yours Always